Featuring places around the world that Andy has visited 

(Some of the) Places I Have Been

Rhode Island

circa 2000

I went to Rhode Island for a meet up with a martial arts school, plus to see a bit of America - in particular, Providence, Boston and both  states.  I would have tried to get to New York but ran out of time.  It was a trip fraught with issues and went via Toronto (never again).


circa 2011

Having been involved with some dating agencies in East Europe countries, I took a risk and went to see the ladies I had been communicating with.  I had a back up plan of employing a lovely lady guide and translator who took care of me very well, her husband provided the transportation.


circa 2012

Lessons learned from Ukraine's unsuccessful trip, I decided to travel to Moscow and planned the trip to include meeting up with potential partners (a couple had disabilities). Again, I'd employed a guide and translator to ensure my safety.

Canary Islands

circa 2010

I visited this idyllic island with my then girlfriend after meeting her soon after being divorced, 2 years or so before. We decided to visit for a break, and it was a great place and the facilities excellent.

Photos and more to come.


1997 and 1998

I visited twice, two years running. In 1997 I was sponsored, fully paid trip, via the martial arts group who invited me to attend and teach classes. The following year I returned, taking my wife with me for a holiday (and to revisit martial arts sessions, possibly attempting my 4th Dan Black Belt test)



I have visited many times from 2014, my first time, to the present day. Originally I went to the Udon Thani area to meet potential partners through an agent who lived in Kumphawapi, a small village south of UT.

There are many videos about these trips see HERE

Cape Verde


I visited this idyllic island off the coast of Africa with my then girlfriend. We decided to visit for a break, because it was different and unusual. The hotel was another RIU and it was a great place with good entertainment and excellent facilities.  There wasn't much else to do other than sun sea and sand, drinking and ....



I visited this island at Christmas with my friend Emma. It was our first christmas together and my mum paid for it. It was an all-inclusive Thomson holiday in a Riu hotel, which we both loved.  The temperature was just right mid-20's and the entertainment cheesy but fun, the booze was free. We took an excursion to see the sights.

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