Your financial support keeps me going

PATREON Your support via Patreon is vital for the continued progress of the channel, allowing me to improve the quality and scope of the videos I make. I really appreciate any support from viewers/Patrons and unlike others who use Patreon and Paypal to fund a lifestyle choice, the finances you invest in the channel will go towards running the channel.

Patreon is not about one-way giving, each Tier has rewards in return for your contribution. The Ultimate tier is where I offer the most perks, simply because of the monetary commitments required to join. I am also limiting the tier to a select 5 people, because I want to offer each individual the personal service I would expect, if I were signing up for the tier.

PAYPAL  As you can appreciate the cost of equipment is high, but the need is necessary. Every piece of equipment I have purchased has been through hard work of my own volition. But there is only so much I can do myself and equipment (such as the computer) slows down and fails as it ages, and is a necessary part of the video making process.
If you can afford a monthly recurring donation of support this will be appreciated as much as a single one-time donation, but it will allow me to do more on a regular basis without having to ask each time I require a new project or piece of kit. I understand the economic situation is difficult, which is why there is no pressure for making a financial commitment unless you really want to. All youtube videos remain free to view.

YOUTUBE MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM This is a new system introduced by Youtube to be integrated into the video platform, and allows you to become a monthly contributor in the same ways as Patreon (and Paypal if you set a recurring payment).  The YT system has perks, icons and emojis depending upon your length of time and level set.  In my channel's case I decided there was only need to have one level based upon similar channel research.  So, for a small monthly fee there's a host of benefits available to you.

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