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It had a glitch this week, with the subs total reaching 599 last Tues/weds.  Then, by Friday I lost 7 subs!  I really don’t fathom why this happens but I suspect the live stream talking about the dating live stream was one reason.  I will never understand the logic of subbing to a channel and then unsubbing. The issue is Youtube allows people not to show they are subbed so I have no idea WHO is and isn’t, except those with open settings – which is nowhere near the total specified.

Anyway, today we’re back at 599.  It would be nice to break the 600 threshold sometime but as always it might be a shortlived experience should I post a comment or video or even a BLOG POST, that someone takes offence to!

To be fair the channel is doing okay, if not as quickly as some others. But, considering the type of material I produce, it is going well.

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