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you know that disabled people form 13 million of this country’s population with a variety of types of disablement, some from birth others later in life and some others due to age or circumstance. One thing in common is the fact that we all enjoy getting away (on holiday) just to relieve the monotony of life, and why not – it is a good way to top up the tan (well not the UK anyway). My aim in life has been to provide information (so far unpaid) and entertainment, for the past year I have been making vlogs on youtube from my mobility scooter. It has been an eye opener, only this week I experienced discrimination against scooters in favour of wheelchairs. I was shocked, being a REALLY good driver. Of course, the ban has been brought in part due to people not being very good drivers and causing expensive damage (in national trust properties). My vlogs are designed to show you the various tourist spots, places you might want to visit, restaurants etc, so you can get a good idea how things are. Please help me, I am actually very disillusioned by the growth of my youtube channel and facebook page. I have been told it is purely down to advertising them, but of course this is hard to do because my audience is a niche although 13 million is a good number a lot of those might have no interest in travel or other subjects (I have a weekly live chat show when I talk about disability issues etc, I posted a vlog about my latest visit to Motability Roadshow on various groups yesterday, I have also done a reflective vlog about Bath, one high street access or lack of it) SO I am asking for you to subscribe to my channel, like and share the vlogs, like and share my facebook page Andy Wright Travel on Facebook and please feel free to join me on my chats. I dont currently get paid for any of this, so the lack of growth and support is very disappointing but I am hoping you’ll help out with a like and share but above all subscribe. Sorry for the length of this post.

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