I have been reviewing places for a long time, even before doing the Youtube thing.  I always try to make my reviews honest and unbiased with good AND bad points in equal measure.   I am reviewing for myself, but the emphasis is always accessibility and how I cope.  I know people viewing these reports find them useful because of the “thumbs up”  on each one.

I create short 10-minute videos for Trip-Ability, which are generally edited versions of my regular travel channel videos.  The site’s mandate is accessibility and you’ll find a host of articles and media (blogs and vlogs) about the subject.  They also have a facebook page and regularly post to all social media.

This outlet is quite a recent one for me and I am not as active here mainly because this is more of a manual entry (typing) review site and with everything else I do, I just haven’t had the time to commit.  Having said that, I have posted a number of reviews here.

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