My name’s Andy Wright.  I am a person with lots of facets, gained over time.  I started with being born and having to overcome disability.  Throughout my life, it has meant struggle and combatting attitudes, to make progress.  But I believe my progress has been gained from determination and desire not to let others dictate what I can or cannot do.For example, as a child, doctors told my parents I would probably never walk.  At age 8-9, I got myself up and learned to walk, albeit no marathon runner but at least the wheelchair was only for backup.Later, aged 17, my parents were advised I shouldn’t worry about work, just claim benefits.  After 8 years unemployment (during the Thatcher years) following a brief foray into a youth training scheme and a 10-month warehouse job that ended in redundancy, I started work again in 1989 and have been full time employed ever since.  One 16-year marriage later I went through divorce, homelessness and bouts of illness.

My latest quest since 2014 has been recovery from back surgery that did not go well.  It left me practically unable to walk for 18 months, and with no professional support, I resorted to my usual determination to succeed.  I have also been fighting for immigration rights for my Thai wife; we just celebrated our 5th anniversary.In my journey to find an easier career path due to the unresolved back problems, hindered by reasons we’ll not discuss here, I started to vlog on a regular basis.  Soon my channel had over 1,200 videos AND 1,700+ subscribers!  My angle, if you can call it that, was to emphasise the disability access difficulties when travelling. My vlogs are generally from the mobility scooter, which I now rely upon for all distances and the response to them has been phenomenal. The aim for the channel is to grow exponentially and become the place to go for advice and guidance to disability travel.   Thanks for visiting the website, please go to the channel and subscribe by clicking here.